Tourist information about Curitiba

Whether you are just having a vacation or moving in at Curitiba, Brazil, getting yourself equipped with information about the city would make you at ease and familiar with your stay. The following are just some information that can come on handy when you are in the city:


Curitiba banks are usually open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. Among the city’s main banks are Unibanco, Caixa Economico, HSBC, Bradesco, Banestado, and Itaú.


In case of an emergency, these are the numbers you can contact:

  •  First Aid (Pronto Socorro) 192
  •  Traffic Accidents (Acidentes de Trânsito) 194
  •  Police (Polícia Militar) 190
  •  Water supply (Sanepar) 115
  •  Electricity (Energia Eléctrica –Copel) 196

If any of those is busy, you can simply dial 100 to phone in the operator and directly connect you to any of the departments above.


Everything that has something to do with telephones in the city is expensive. You need to get yourself your own phone – either buy it in Curitiba or bring one with you – then get a line from two of the city’s telephone companies. Getting a telephone line though can take from a month to four months, depending on the area you are staying. Here are the numbers to reach the said telephone companies:

  •  GVT   0800-052-0025
  •  Teleport 3305-1200

Note that getting your own telephone line in Curitiba is only advisable when you intend to stay longer in the city. Otherwise, you can make use of the Internet to connect with your family and friends around the globe. There are several Internet service providers in the city with packages priced reasonably or you can simply make use of the Internet cafes in some bookstores and shopping centers.


There are various ways to get around Curitiba easily and comfortably because of its well-planned streets. It has a good bus system which boasts of its speed, efficacy, and cheap price. To check on routes and other information about the buses in the city, you can call +554133203000.

On the other hand, if getting into public transport isn’t your cup of tea, then try getting on the city’s taxis. Priced reasonably, most of the taxi drivers in Curitiba do not expect to get tips, although it has been customary to leave small amount or change. To get a reservation or ask a taxi to pick you up, you can contact (0800-41-4141).

These are just some of the information you can make use of when in the city. There may be a lot more to know of, but this will be a good start to fully enjoy Curitiba.