Porto de Galinhas culture

Porto de Galinhas, being part of the state of Pernambuco, is of Portuguese and Dutch origin. These two countries have managed to leave their culture and influence in the city.

Beach culture

Porto is better known for its beaches. So naturally, all of the locals and even the tourists who have stayed there for a longer period of time have developed the beach culture, soaking up under the sun or engaging in various water sports.


Porto de Galinhas also prides itself in the lively nightlife that it offers. In the clubs that are found around the city, there are different types of shows that are celebrated. But most of these have a wide array of music. Some pubs may have popular folk music that is played while there are some pubs that play modern horror. The city’s clubs and restaurants come alive at night and you will never miss it.

Even nearby Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, is enticed to visit the city during the night to be part of the great nightlife that is offered by Porto.


The city is home to a lot of restaurants that serve great seafood dishes. One restaurant that is known for this is the Bejupirá. It may be a bit expensive dining in this fine restaurant but it will surely be worth it as it gives a very delicious version of different dishes.

But aside from this Porto also offers other types of food. There are a number of establishments that offer pizzas, meat, and others.


Porto still remains a fishing village despite its huge tourism boom. The city has been able to maintain their old ways, despite the building of new structures around the area. And even if neighboring cities of Recife and Olinda are spots for great celebrations such as the Carnival, Porto de Galinhas was able to preserve their old ways. Pernambucanos from Porto de Galinhas still has their old fisherman habits. The locals shied away from the heavy partying and fell back to their old fisherman culture.


In the 18th and 19th century, colonial houses were evident all throughout the area. You can still see these in Porto. They can be found at the back of the Patio de São Pedro. There is also an old colonial-style prison that has been renovated just recently. This structure greatly depicts its old architectural style from way back.