Rio de Janeiro Cuisine

Rio de Janeiro gastronomy

Tourists who are fan of traditional local dishes would be delighted of Rio de Janeiro’s offerings. Mainly influenced by its African and Portuguese immigrants, the city’s gastronomy mostly have indigenous origins. Visitors though who are keen to trying international delicacies in Rio will not have a hard time doing so as the city has almost all kinds of international specialities brought by being among the world’s main tourist destinations.


Traditional cuisines


One of the city’s gastronomic highlight is the dish called the Feijoada. It is a succulent stew that’s prepared with black beans all simmered with various salted, smoked, and dried meats (e.g. pork sausage, bacon, and salted pork). Served with rice, kale that’s finely shredded, and sliced oranges, the dish is perfect for heavy lunch with a few of your friends to share the good food.


Aside from Feijoada, another must-try delicacy in Rio is the Brazilian style barbeque called the Churrasco. Featuring various cuts of lamb, chicken, pork, and beef, the dish is slowly cooked on grills that are specially designed to preserve the natural flavours and juices of the meats. Churarasco are available in restaurants or steakhouses called the churrascarias. These restaurants serve the dish in an all-you-can-eat basis. You can add up a drink and a dessert (although sold separately) in your order at reasonable prices.


Seafood dishes in Rio are expectedly fresh and delicious. But while its fish cuisines are relatively inexpensive, those of lobster and shrimp are a bit pricey.




One of the city’s most famous drinks is the caipirinha which is a mix of sticky concoction of lime juice, sugar, and liquor made from sugar cane known as cachaça. Although very refreshing, the drink can be quite dangerous if taken too much.


Another drink not to be missed when in Rio is the batida which is produced from combining cachaça with various fruit juices. Offering a unique exotic taste, batida is best enjoyed on a beach party with your friends.


Aside from these drinks, the city also has several choices of great beer and excellent wines.




Being a major international destination, Rio de Janeiro features a wide variety of restaurants to cater your budget and taste. The beach area is a good place to find traditional dishes; for gourmet Brazilian food, the restaurants in the city’s luxury hotels are the best places to be.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil gastronomy will not fail your stomach’s expectations. From the meals to the desserts and drinks, there’s a lot of food to choose from and enjoy in the city.