Recife beaches

Recife beaches, Boa Viagem

With its location at the heart of the Pernambuco coast, tourists should not wonder why the beaches of Recife are considered among the best not just in the state, but throughout the country as well. Among them are the following:


Boa Viagem


Boa Viagem is not just a most famous beach in Recife, it is also among Brazil’s best urban beaches – proof of that is its use in many theme songs and movies. Stretching 7 kilometers long, the beach boasts of its combination of warm water and fine sand. Its infrastructure manifesting a modern metropolis adds up to its uniqueness and beauty as well.


Boa Viagem is protected by natural reefs lining (to which the city was named after). When low tide occur, several natural pools form along the shore line. This also makes a perfect time to walk on top of the reefs because they are wide and flat enough to walk on whilst not slippery. During high tide, water fully cover the reefs, thus making it unsafe to swim and surf in these areas.


To protect the beauty and charm of Boa Viagem, rigid policies are observed in the beach. Such policies include no cooking on the sands and restricting restaurants on the beach’s sidewalks. In lieu of the restaurants are kiosks selling coconuts, soft drinks, and some snacks. These kiosks however are not allowed on the sand beach.


Praia do Pina


Located on the far north end of Boa Viagem Beach is Praia do Pina. It less visited by tourists compared to Boa Viagem because of its dense population; made up mostly of fishermen and their families. Praia do Pina is relatively a poor area – its polluted sea waters and lack of sewage system make it unattractive to visitors. The point where it meets the right end of Boa Viagem though has a wide sand strip that’s often used to “stage” musical shows and other entertaining events.



Compared to other Brazilian beaches, Candeias is not much of a surfing destination mainly for its relatively smaller waves. But despite this, the beach offers a perfect venue for beach parties. Its shallow waters and wonderful reefs are picturesque enough to spend your whole day/ afternoon capturing its beauty on your camera.

The less commercial setting of Candeias gives it a more laid back atmosphere, which makes it a favorite among those who want to some peace and quiet time.


Recife beaches are magnificent enough to captivate its tourists. They are just one of the reasons why many visit and come back in this Pernambuco capital.