Study in Olinda

Known for being one of the best-preserved colonial cities in Brazil, studying in Olinda is perfect for those who have a huge interest in culture and history. Those who want to learn Portuguese in this Pernambucan town, on the other hand, will find learning the language easier as it is reinforced with hands-on experience on its rich culture.

For interested students, it is good to note that there are two main education units in the city: the Center for Music Education in Olinda (CEMO) and the CAIC Norma Cole (Centre for Integral Care of Children).

Center for Music Education in Olinda (CEMO)

The center was founded in 1982. It is dedicated to teaching and training students classical music it offers different courses for various learning levels. In particular, the center has a course for kids called the Children’s Musicality.

CAIC Norma Cole (Centre for Integral Care of Children)

Part of the city’s school system, the center was officially opened on July 27, 1994. Focused on the comprehensive care of children and teenagers in Olinda, the center develops programs in order to fulfill the basic rights of the city’s young people.


Study in Olinda and experience for yourself the beauty and the warmth there is in the city.