Itineraries Buzios

Buzios, being a part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, has a lot of surrounding cities and islands that you also shouldn’t miss. Make the most of your visit to the country of Brazil and don’t just stick to one destination. While in Buzios, try to enjoy the other places near it like the city of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Cabo and Angra dos Reis.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro the city is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro. This is one place you should really try to visit. It is home to the famous Carnival celebration, which is a showcase of Brazilian music, Samba street dancing and exuberant costumes.  Aside from this Rio is also where you will be able to see the world renowned Christ the Redeemer statue, which is part of the new seven wonders of the world. The cable car through Sugar Loaf is another attraction in Rio that you must experience.

Rio is also considered as Brazil’s cultural capital. That is why visiting the place will allow you to take a glimpse of its rich culture, architecture, and art.

Arraial do Cabo

The city is considered as Brazil’s scuba diving capital. It is home to a variety of pristine beaches, white dunes, heandlands, lagoons and sandbanks. In Ponta da Jararaca, you will be able to witness the beach’s rich marine life and also get to see the scattered remains of the Teixeirnha, a ship that sunk into the ocean in 1923. Porcos is the beach to visit for divers who are just beginners. Its depth reaches 40 meters. The Camarinha on the other hand is for the more experienced divers. While the Ponta Leste, like the Ponta da Jararaca, also has a rich marine life which includes mackerels, turtles, rays, and barracudas.

Angra dos Reis

The place is two and a half hours away from Rio. It is home to a vast Atlantic rainforest, abundant fauna and flora, and 365 islands having clear green waters. Island hopping is the thing to do when in Angra dos Reis. Taking a private boat with a ready captain to take you to the hundreds of islands in Angra is best recommended.

While in Angra you can also visit Paraty. This is only a one hour drive away from Angra dos Reis. And when you are in Paraty, don’t miss to have a sumptuous dining experience in the Academy of Cooking with resident chef Yara Roberts. You’ll be able to enjoy a mix of French, Latin and American tastes from the famous chef and it will truly be a dining experience that you wouldn’t forget.