Travelling to Manaus

Picking the transport of choice when going to a different city or country could make or break your vacation. Some opt to get there as fast as they can regardless of the cost it will take. Some prefer to stick to a budget and won’t mind the long travel it would need to take. If you want to visit Manaus, here are the options you can choose from.

By plane

There are a number of direct flights to Manaus. The Brazilian TAM airlines offer daily flights from Miami to Manaus. This would take 5 hours and you would be on board a Boeing 767-300. Copa Airlines is another option. It also offers daily flights, also from Miami. This time you will be on board an Embraer 190. Delta Air Lines, on the other hand, has flights coming from Atlanta and the TAME airlines offer weekly flights from Quito.

You can also take connecting flights from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo to Manaus. There are more options available for international flights to these two cities. You can then just take a local flight to Manaus from there.

By boat

Going to Manaus by boat is another option that you can take. Though it takes longer, you can also enjoy your journey through the accommodations that are available in the different nautical services. A trip by boat from Belem to Manaus would take five days.