Travelling to João Pessoa

João Pessoa promises its tourists with a lot of beautiful attractions and activities to experience. Whether you’ve just had enough of the crowd and noise in Brazil’s bigger metropolitan cities or would just want to be in a relatively new environment, João Pessoa has something to make a worthwhile vacation. How to get there?

The city has an international airport called Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport. It is located eight kilometers from its downtown, in the municipality of Bayeux. Undergoing remodeling and expansion, the airport is expected to raise the city’s tourism to about 860,000 tourists per year.

From the airport, visitors can then take a taxi going to the city center which goes an average of R$ 40; this can, however, be negotiated as many of the cab drivers in João Pessoa are friendly and warm, especially to tourists.

Buses are another option to get to João Pessoa. From the city of Recife, you can take the bus of Bomfim which heads to João Pessoa ever hour. The 2-hour travel costs about R$ 20-25. If you are from Campina Grande, on the other hand, you can reach the city via Real Bus costing R$ 17. Buses travel to João Pessoa at least once an hour, too, from 5 in the morning to 8 in the evening.