Ouro Preto nightlife

With a number of interesting places and attractions to explore throughout Ouro Prêto, tourists would sure want to unwind at some of the city’s nightlife. Below is a handy guide to help you fully enjoy the city at night.

Ouro Prêto nightlife is never complete without trying what Bar de Beco has to offer. With a rustic old tavern feel – complete with the overhead of low-hanging beams that are made of wood and stone floors – the bar is considered one of the city’s top bars. Known for being eclectic, it has more than 65 varieties of alcohol, making it a great place for those who want to experiment and test their taste buds.

The drink called frosty Milagre de Minas is among the Bar de Beco’s highlights. A mysterious drink, the highly guarded recipe is a product of mixing 15 different spices. Aside from its drinks, the bar’s bartenders are also famous for concocting different cocktails, such as rose petals, passion fruit, blue Curacao, and da paixao. The party and fun in the bar start from 6 PM onwards.

If alcohol and drink is not your type, then you can head to Rosa de Ventos. Catering to those with cravings for a late night snack, the cozy cafe offers delicious fondues and soups every night. Every Friday and Saturday, diners are treated for live music. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 7 PM (except on Sunday where it opens at 12NN) through 1 AM.

For those looking for a place to listen to good music, Booze Cafe Concerto should not be missed. Offering flawless performance of jazz and blues music, the café will be a good venue to release all your stress and pressure from a busy day exploring Ouro Prêto. Despite getting the distinction as among the city’s finest bars, Booze Cafe Concerto serves meals at very reasonable prices. Customers of the bar can enjoy their drinks at its spacious basement that has brick walls that are exposed and round windows giving a view of the alleyway. Behind the bar are glass art lights of different colors, adding up a touch of style and class to the tranquil atmosphere. Serving customers every day, Booze Cafe Concerto is open from 11 AM to midnight.

What you have here is just a few of the places you can turn to at night in Ouro Prêto. When already in the city, you will be thrilled to find out other options that locals will gladly recommend.