Shopping in Camboriu

Shopping is one thing that is inevitable during a vacation or a trip to a foreign city. You will always want to bring something with you when you get back home to remember your trip by, to get something that is unique of that place or to bring to loved ones left behind.

In this area, Balneario Camboriu won’t disappoint. The city has a lot of shopping centers to choose from. Shopping centers that offer handicrafts that are indigenous to Brazil or Balneario Camboriu, souvenir items from trinkets to clothes, and designer brands found in malls. Balneario Camboriu has it all for you.

Malecon Central

Also known as the Central Boardwalk, this area can be accessed only by pedestrians. It is a scenic area that has a walkway where shoppers can tread to reach the next point of the corner to buy stuff from. It is a very big shopping center with almost five thousand stores. Here you will find different products from phones and other electronic products, perfumes and other beauty products, sports equipment and many more. If you are tired of all the shopping and want a bite to eat, you don’t have to worry. You won’t have to go far as restaurants are also found in the shopping center. Bars can also be found here. The Malecon Central is considered not only as an important shopping area but also an important tourist attraction in the city.

Atlantico Shopping Center

If you just came from the beach and want a nearby shopping center to buy some things for yourself, then the Atlantico Shopping Center is the place for you. It can be found just a few steps from the beach in the city’s downtown area. It is also situated among the city’s busiest streets. The mall has a family-style ambiance but it gets visitors from people from all walks of life and from all over the world. The shopping center has two stories and on these floors, you will find a wide selection of stores.

Balneario Camboriu Shopping

This shopping center has more than 200 stores in its modern architectural structure. Aside from its architecture, the mall is also known for its beautiful lighting making it a unique plaza. Aside from the stores that carry the best brands, you will also be able to enjoy the many restaurants, gourmet cafes and the parking available. And you can also relax and enjoy in their entertainment options like the Magic Games, a play area for kids; movie theatres; and exciting events like the Winter Festival and Fashion Show.

Casa Hall Shopping

If you want to buy something for the home, then go to Casa Hall Shopping. It is the biggest plaza that caters to appliances, furnishings, tools, and decor for the home. You will find all of the best brands here.