Travelling to Fortaleza

So you’ve decided to visit the beautiful city of Fortaleza. But how do you get there? What are your travel options?

In traveling to the capital city of Ceara, you have an option to travel by plane or by bus. Even if you choose to use the bus to get to the city, you would still need a plane to first get to the capital city or any of the surrounding cities. But it would still do you good to know about the different options you can take.

By plane

You will go through the Pinto Martins international airport if you decide to go by air. This modern airport also offers services from the post office, Federal police, health authorities, and travel agencies. It also has an internet cafe and a tourist information center. Different airlines offer daily flights to major Brazilian cities and other South American capitals. Among the daily flights offered are to Lisboa. Weekly flights are also offered to Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, and Atlanta.

It would be good to be at least an hour early if you are traveling from abroad to give time for immigration procedures you would need to go through.

By bus

Expresso Guanabara is a bus line that has the most extensive network in Fortaleza. Other bus lines though still offer daily trips to neighboring cities. The city’s main bus station has trips to most places around the country. You must take note that the bus lines in Ceara have their last trip at 6-7 PM.