Rio de Janeiro for kids

Rio de Janeiro for kids

The Brazilians are known to be very family-oriented that they do not go out without their kids most of the time. This certain value has resulted to many facilities and infrastructures built for the whole family to enjoy. Rio de Janeiro in particular, showcases several attractions designed for the kids to enjoy. Some of these attractions include its child-friendly beaches, its fun theme parks, and interesting zoos among others.


Child-friendly beaches


The city’s world-renowned beaches can be enjoyed by the whole family, especially the kids. They can surf in the friendly tides or build sand castles from its fine sands. For those with younger children, the beach at Leblon is a famous option as it features a facility called the Baixo Baby. A play area offered for free, Baixo Baby comes with a wide range of toys as well as play stuffed gears for the tots.


During holidays and Sundays, the waterfront avenues lining the beaches of Copacabana, Flamengo, Leblon, and Ipanema, are all closed for cars. Without any traffic, this wide waterfront becomes a great and safe playground for the kids. In addition, there are various entertainment in the area that local and tourist families can have fun with. There are magicians, jugglers, musicians, fire eaters, and stilt-walkers in the area to add up to the whole family experience. Small electric toy car and bike rentals are also available.


City Zoo


Rio’s Jardim Zoológico is a famous destination of families wanting their kids to have fun while learning something. Although a small zoo, Jardim Zoológico’s green and pleasant atmosphere is not for the family to unwind and relax. Its display of about 2000 different species that are mostly Brazilian, will surely thrill kids of all ages. Of its many displays, its showcase of birds is considered by many to be the most interesting. It has a wide range of toucans, macaws, and other species whose colourfulness will really entertain the kids.




Only few kids really appreciate a tour on a museum. However, they might just have to change their minds when they happen to visit some of the city’s kid-oriented museums, like the Museu do Indio in Botafogo. Offering kids stamps and body paints that are washable, the kids will love adorning themselves like natives. There are also re-creations of the Indian houses that allow kids to crawl in and out of it.


Rio de Janeiro for kids only shows how varied the experience can be in the city. While a great place to be with your friends, the city is also perfect for a family bonding getaway.