Fortaleza nightlife

Fortaleza is known to have a very vibrant nightlife that keeps the tourists coming back again and again. Locals also regularly visit bars and they keep the atmosphere festive. For every day of the week, there is always somewhere different to go to. For sure experiencing Fortaleza’s nightlife would be an experience like no other for you.

Beira Mar

This place is the most visited in all of the bars in the city. This may be partly due to the reason that most of the hotels are found near this place. But they also provide a great deal of entertainment, especially during the nighttime. You can walk along the beach, shop or dine in one of the restaurants. It is also a place that holds various cultural events. You will find this place always packed.

Pirata Bar

The Pirata bar is only open on Mondays but it is fully packed every week. Although it is open only once a week, it is considered the best bar in the city. It is also said the Mondays in Pirata are the craziest around the planet. You may think that the reason for this is because people from around the globe usually spend their Mondays at home or even at the office, so Pirata surely would be host to the liveliest Monday in the planet. But this is not only the reason for that, Pirata really does host a very crazy Monday night every week. Party starts at 8 and goes on until morning. Just be sure you don’t have an office the next day or you’ll be in trouble.


If you are going out on a usual Friday night, then the place to be is Mucuripe. This is a big place that has 4 different rooms and each one of these rooms has a different type of music blasting through its speakers. The crowd that usually goes to Mucuripe is composed of locals from the upper class so you will find locals that you can easily converse in English.

Other bars

Pagliuca Café, Pontal de Iracema, and Cais Bar are the other bars that you can visit in Fortaleza. Pagliuca Café has more of a local crowd but you will also see tourists there. For Pontal de Iracema, and Cais Bar you will need to get there early to make sure that you have a seat. They have live music that goes on all night.