São Paulo institutions

São Paulo institutions

The world’s 10th richest city, São Paulo is also considered to be the driving force of Brazil’s economy as many of the country’s minor and major industries are headquartered in the city.


The following are just some of the institutions or companies that greatly contribute to Sampa’s strong economy:


América Latina Logística


Also known by its abbreviation which is ALL, the América Latina Logística is South America’s largest railway company that also ventures in logistics, cargo transport, warehousing, and storage. The company manages a rail network extending over 21,000 kilometers. It also owns 700 highway locomotives (i.e. trailers and trucks) and about 1,100 vehicles. With this vast network of the company, ALL extends its services in most areas of Brazil and some regions in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.


Banco Bradesco


Serving the lower-middle classes of Brazil since its foundation in the 1960s, Banco Bradesco is the country’s largest bank on the private sector with over 6,000 branches and 26,000 ATMs scattered throughout Brazil. It offers leasing, savings plans, credit card, and auto financing services.




Known as the world’s largest steel wool manufacturer, Bombril also ventures in the manufacture of household cleaning products such as disinfectants, deodorizers, detergents, glass cleaners, and insecticides. Founded in 1948, the company now operates three huge manufacturing plants all located in São Paulo.




Braskem is considered to be the largest among South America’s petrochemical companies. Its chemical plants that are located in Brazil exclusively produce olefins such as propylene and ethylene. Other than these the company is also involved in the production of aromatics like benzene and intermediate chemicals such as caprolactam (used in making nylon).


Eletropaulo Metropolitana Eletricidade de São Paulo


Also known as AES Electropaulo, the company is known to be one of the largest power distributors in Latin America. It supplies electricity to over 5.9 million customers throughout the towns and cities in the state of São Paulo.




Among Brazil’s top cosmetics and drug retailers, Drogasil caters to those who need to feel better inside and out. Aside from generic and branded pharmaceuticals, the company also sells a wide range of beauty and health products.




Among the largest aircraft manufacturers of the world – along with Boeing, Bombardier, and Airbus – Embraer is primarily involved in making turboprops and jets. It also provides services to the military markets, especially the Brazilian Air Force, with its surveillance, light attack, and transport aircrafts.


Above are just some of the companies that manifest São Paulo’s diverse yet very rich economy. When visiting the city, you’ll find more of them along the way or even make a visit to one of them.