Travelling to Porto de Galinhas

You may have heard of Porto de Galinhas and its wonderful beaches and would want to visit the place. Then you it would be helpful to know your options in traveling to the once small fishing village.

To get to Porto de Galinhas in Brazil, you would first need to go by air than by road. As there are currently no direct flights going to the area, you need to take a plane to the nearest airport. The nearest one from Porto de Galinhas is in Recife. This is the Recife International Airport which is 70km away from the place.

When you get to Recife, you can then go by road to Porto de Galinhas. This can either be by car, bus or taxi. There are local bus services that take about an hour and a half to get to Porto, as the locals call it.

You can also try car rentals if you would want to get there at your own pace. If you want to take a car, you can take the BR-101 motorway and BR-232 motorway, and PE-015 road. Taking a taxi is another option.

There are a lot of taxi companies that can take you to Porto de Galinhas at affordable prices. The best way to get to Porto de Galinhas would be with a guide. They can pick you up at the Recife International Airport and take you to Porto and in between, you can get useful travel information from the guides and this would cost you just about the same as it would if you take a taxi.