Sports in Blumenau, Brazil

Football is considered as a natural phenomenon in the country of Brazil. It is very popular and is greatly practiced all throughout the country. Brazil has produced a lot of great football players. Among the number of these, Pele is considered as the most influential and as the greatest football player not only in Brazil but also around the world.

Blumenau, being part of Brazil, also has football as the major sports played in the area. In fact, Blumenau is home to famous football players. One of these is Rafael Schmitz who currently plays for Valenciennes FC or Valenciennes Football Club. Schmitz plays as a central defender and is considered very well in the air and also has the superior passing ability.

Other famous footballers from Blumenau are Christian Maicon Hening, a professional player currently part of the Eintracht Frankfurt team; Jean Carlo Witte, a defender who was part of the Brazilian U-20 team during the 1997 FIFA World Youth Championship; and Evandro Goebel, a midfielder playing for Atlético Mineiro.

Tennis is another sport played in Blumenau. The city even hosts to the annual Alberto Santa Catarina De Tenis. This is a tournament participated by tennis professional players and is a member of the ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals Challenger Tour.

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