Itineraries Curitiba

Curitiba, Brazil may already have a lot that tourists can enjoy and explore but going beyond the city limits, you’ll see that there is more that awaits you to discover and experience.

Ilha do Mel

Located 115 kilometers from the city, at Baía de Paranaguá’s mouth, you will find yourself in awe with the beauty and sceneries of the oddly-shaped Ilha do Mel. Translated in English as the Honey Island, the state nature reserve can only be accessed by boat which leaves from Pontal do Sul and Paranaguá. Among the things tourists can look forward to in the island are its ancient fortress, the Encantadas Cave, and the centenary lighthouse. Some of the beaches in the island are also great to surf in. Ilha do Mel is also a perfect destination for birders and campers.

Iguazu Falls

Going further to Curitiba’s west are the falls of Iguazu. With a total of 275 falls spread throughout the 2.7-kilometer Iguazu River, it is considered to be one of the main and most important destinations in Brazil. The vast size of the Iguazu Falls is reason enough for it to be often compared to the Niagara Falls in the U.S. and the Victoria Falls in South Africa. It also has one of the world’s greatest annual flow next to the Niagara.

Most of the hotels near the area offer packages for excursions and trips in Iguazu Falls.


Around 369 kilometers to the north of the city is Londrina which is home to several interesting destinations as well. These include the Acoustic Shell, which in the form of a large clam has been staging cultural concerts and other festivities; the Japanese-architecture Buddhist Temple Honganji that was built in woods with no use of nails; and the International Race Track which has now been a venue to several important car races in the country among others. Londrina is also the state of Paraná’s second largest cities, next to Curitiba.

Antonina and Morretes

To get away from the noise of the city, the villages of Antonina and Morretes is located on the southern part of Curitiba. Both places may not have spectacular structures and architecture to highlight, but its picturesque views and relaxing atmosphere are enough to attract tourists. The villages are also great to just stroll around and have quiet “me” moment.

These and more are the wonders and beauty outside (but close) the city of Curitiba.