Florianopolis Nightlife

Aside from being a good surfing haven for enthusiasts, the city of Florianopolis, also referred to as Floripa, also gets alive when the clock strikes 5 in the afternoon – just right after work – until dawn marking its busy and vigorous nightlife.

Being a part of a country that’s known throughout the world for its fun people and lively parties, tourists will find the nightlife in Floripa no different from Sao Paulo’s and Rio de Janeiro’s which are among Brazil’s bigger, metropolitan cities. In fact, the biggest challenge that partygoers in the city would face is getting up from their beds the next day to further explore the city’s beauty.

Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs in Floripa come and go in the area of Praia dos Ingleses, especially during the summer months. Throughout the year though, party venues can usually be found around Lagoa da Conceição.

There are a number of pubs and bars in Praia dos Ingleses as well. Among these is Mandala which is known to be one of the best bars in the city. Located at a high altitude, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of the lagoon. Visitors of the bar can stomp their feet on the dance floor and rock with music played by the live bands as well.

Another nightlife attraction in Floripa is Drakkar, which pulls in the younger group of tourists and locals with their rocking musical performances. An ideal venue for cocktail parties, the place is perfect for those who want to dance all through the night with friends and mingle with the locals.

For more dancing, Latitude 27 which is situated between Praia Mole and Lagoa, is a good place to be, too. Open from Thursday through Saturday, the club is also known for its local bands playing on stage, and it’s dance floor that can accommodate a large number of party goers. Another great venue for those who want to dance in the city is Concorde Danceteria, which is a nightclub showcasing a rotating dance floor. The place caters, especially to the gay community.

The downtown of the city, on the other hand, tourists can head off to Skuna (in Avenida Beira Mar) which is a local bar that features two huge patios that are overlooking the waterfront of the city. Co

John Bull Pub, Empório do Chopp, Floribar Café Lounge, and Sins Pub can also be included in your options for a great and enjoyable nightlife in the city.

With its numerous bars and clubs, who says the fun in Florianopolis is only limited to surfing?