History of Camboriu

Balneário Camboriú is part of the state of Santa Catarina. It is a famous island beach resort in the area that was declared a city on July 20, 1964. The area it was part of had a great landscape – it had a bay, an isle, and an Atlantic forest – that appealed to a lot of people especially the colonizers. The first batch of these was headed by Baltazar Pinto Correa, an Azorean that came to the island in 1826.

Many years later the Germans came. They were in the search for a land with fertile soil. This next batch of colonizers formed the town that was known as Arraial do Bom Sucesso. The village of Bom Sucesso became a district in 1849 and the construction of the Our Lady at the Barra chapel began during this time. Now the chapel is a major tourist attraction in the region.

Nearly 40 years after the village got separated from its neighboring village, Itajai. This would be the starting point of Camboriú’s independence from the other sectors of the island. In 1926, the region was known for as a summer vacation spot for the German-Brazilian families in the area. This brought about great popularity to the village and helped a lot in their economy, which about 20 years after brought about its recognition as a city.