Itineraries in Fortaleza

When in Fortaleza it would be good to check out other nearby towns and visit their famous attractions and maybe experience their popular celebrations. It would make your trip to the capital city packed with a whole lot more.


This beach village is only 30 minutes away from the city of Fortaleza and just 45 minutes away from the capital city’s International Airport. It is most famous for its sand dunes and beautiful coconut tree-decorated beach. In Cumbuco you can enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing and you can also do some buggy tours, horseback riding, and golf just off the coast. Aside from these activities, you can also enjoy the many restaurants and bars that are found in the area.


Another town known for its beaches, Paracuru is just 90 km away from Fortaleza. Barra does Río Curo, Prata de Paracuru, Pericorara, and Pedra Redonda some of the beaches that you can visit when in Paracuru. Kitesurfing is also an activity that you can enjoy in one of the beaches.

Canoa Quebrada

Considered as the most important tourist destination in the state of Ceará next to Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada is just 175km from the capital city. Most of the people from the city of Fortaleza visit Canoa Quebrada during weekends and flock the Broadway, a place in the village where you will see most of the shops, restaurants, and bars. The city is at its liveliest at night where the party starts at 10 PM and lasts up to 5 AM.

Majorlandia and other places in Ceará

This is a place near Canoa Quebrada. Majorlandia is a beach resort that is worth visiting not just because of its beaches but because of its prawns. Their seafood, particularly their prawns, has made them known to nearby towns. The beach resort is packed during weekends. Lago do Mata is another nearby town where you can do some snorkeling and enjoy the great beach.


The capital city of Natal may be part of a different state, Rio Grande do Norte, but it is still worth visiting. It’s just 533 kilometers from Fortaleza. The city has a lot of tourist attractions. They have great beaches too like the city of Fortaleza, they have a lot of historical monuments, and they have a great Carnival festival that is celebrated off-season. Natal is also home to the second largest urban park in the country, the Parque das Dunas.