Itineraries Camboriu

There are also other great places to visit near Camboriu, Brazil. You can read through the list here and check which place to include in your itineraries. Better yet, why not include all of them. Don’t miss the chance to visit these places while you are in Balneario Camboriu.

Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero World is the biggest theme park in Latin America. It is located in Penha beach, only 35km to the north of Balneario Camboriu. Coined as the Brazilian family park, this theme park offers different rides for kids and adults alike. You will also find a zoo and will also be entertained with different shows. And if this is not enough, you’ll also find restaurants, ice cream parlors, snack bars and gift shops. Beto Carrero World has been around for 17 years and it has never failed to entertain its visitors.

Among the rides that you can enjoy are the FireWhip, a rollercoaster ride that has five loops that runs at 100km/hr; Splash Island, another rollercoaster that will leave you drenched in water and excitement; Big Tower,  a tower with a 100 meter free fall; Raskapuska, a kid’s ride that is full of enchanting scenes, songs and effects; Dum-Dum Roller Coaster, a roller coaster ride for kids, and the Empire of Waters or Império das Águas, a one minute rafting simulation that is considered as Beto Carrero World’s greatest work.

Arvoredo Island

Ilha do Arvoredo or Arvoredo Island is part of the many biological reservations of Brazil. To reach this island you can rent a boat that will directly take you the place through the open sea. You’ll need a very experienced driver if you take this route. By fishing boat, the trip would take a maximum of four hours. For a less risky route, you can start off at Bombinhas, which 32 km away from Balneario Camboriu. From here you can take an hour’s trip by boat to the island.

Diving is one thing that you can do on the island. The south side of the island is open for diving and you will be at awe at the great marine life underwater. You will also see a lot of great species above water and enjoy the island’s wildlife. Aside from these activities you can also enjoy the sight of the wonderful Arvoredo Island lighthouse that was built in 1883. It is powered by solar energy and it truly is a sight to behold.