Foz do Iguazu nightlife

Compared to other cities in Brazil, entertainment and nightlife in Foz do Iguazu is relatively limited. However, tourists with some know-how about the city will find several interesting places to have a night getaway.


If you simply want to have a good night in the city, there are several bars in the city to stop by. An area called by the locals as “barzinho” provides customers with space to just chill and relax, sans the noisy and rowdy dance floor and loud music. Tourists can just take a sit, get a drink called “Chope” – a cold beer in a long glass – and order some food. Among the must-try dishes in the place are the Escondidinho (dry beef mixed with cheese) and Porcao de Picanha Acebolada (beef strips with onion).

The place has no dress code as you can wear whatever you please, but it is suggested that you put on sneakers to allow you to move from one place to another comfortably.

Bier Kastell

For something different, Bier Kastell is a beer garden that has a German-style concept. It serves German-style sausages along with light snacks. Located at Av. Jorge Schimmelpfeng, the area is also the place to find other bars and disco pubs in the city.

Rafain Show

A huge restaurant serving good buffet, Rafain Show is the place for tourists to get a night of entertainment and good food. Here, visitors can watch Latin show performances and enjoy a wide variety of dishes. The restaurant is located at Av. das Cataratas 1749.


If you are in for some dancing and a little drinking, Tass should be on top of your list. Located on the city’s downtown, the place is considered to be one of the social circuits, thus, there’s a lot of related party hubs to choose from.

Wear your best party clothes as you will have the time of your life dancing and socializing with the locals.

One Teatro Bar

If partying in Tass is not enough for you, then you can hop into One Teatro Bar for more dancing. Prepare R$20-30 though for a cover charge and be in your casual attire.

La Bella Pizza

Not in for dancing and partying? Then head on to La Bella Pizza. For $R 12-15, tourists can enjoy the 40 different types of pasta and pizza. Open from 5:00 pm to late at night, you will have more time to experience all the food they serve.

From pubs to bars, restaurants, and pizza parlors, visitors will have a wide option on how they’d like to spend their night in Foz do Iguazu.