Transports in Fernando de Noronha

Being an archipelago of 21 islands and islets, getting around Fernando de Noronha may not be that easy to many tourists.

Among these islands and islets, only one is inhabited with a total population of 2100. This is also the only place that’s conveniently accessible to most visitors since the rest of the islands – as being part of the National Maritime Park protected areas – would need special authorization from Fernando de Noronha’s environmental authority.

To visit the various attractions on the island, one road circles it for tourists to take. They can either rent a car or buggy, which is a vehicle custom-built to travel the island. Rentals usually cost the US $50 – 70, depending on the rental company you chose.

For buggy rental, Noronha Expedições is the main company tourists turn to, while Flor do Atlantico accommodates to car rental needs.

If renting a buggy or a car seems expensive, then riding on a bus is a good option. With fare starting at R$ 2.85, buses in Fernando de Noronha travel from the island’s port to Praia de Sueste, which is the island’s end, and vice versa.

In some instances, you can actually hitchhike as most of the locals would gladly pick you up and drop you to your desired destination. This would, however, require you to learn a little Portuguese to say where you want to go and give your thank you after the ride.