São Paulo for kids

São Paulo for kids

Never miss an opportunity to bond with your kids when in São Paulo. The city, known to be a favorite Brazilian destination, offers a lot of things that kids and kids-at-heart will both enjoy. Here are a few of them:




Situated in Vinhedo, 100 kilometers away from the city, the Hopi-Hari Park is São Paulo’s biggest and most modern park specially designed with kids in mind. The park has a Disney Magic Kingdom style, which means it is divided into 5 lands. Its many attractions include 3 roller coasters and circus shows performed thrice every day.


To get to the park, you can rent a car or take the bus service provided by the park. It usually takes about an hour to reach the park from some of the city’s main shopping malls.




Despite being the oldest park in the city, the PlayCenter hasn’t really lost its appeal among tourists, particularly the kids. Its free falls, roller coasters, and other attractions serve as magnet to those who want to entertain their tots while exploring São Paulo.


Close to Av. Paulista, the park is accessible by taxi, and will take only about a 30-minute ride.


The PlayCenter is ideal for kids 3 years old and above.


Instituto Butantan


For a fun learning experience in São Paulo, the Instituto Butantan will give the young ones an idea about how vaccines and serums are produced. Located in proximity to the University of São Paulo, kids will also enjoy touring its many research laboratories including those dedicated to arthropods, herpetology, cellular biology, and immunogenetics among others.


São Paulo Zoo


A great destination to educate the kids while having fun, the São Paulo Zoo was opened to the public in June 1958. Its wide variety of animals, both local and international, has been the zoo’s main attractions. The Safari Zoo will allow the visitors – driving themselves in cars – to experience the wild with its animals freely roaming the area.


Wet’n Wild


Just 50 minutes away from the city is the popular water park that showcases several facilities for kids and families. Its water slides, lazy river, wave pools, and bubble up attractions make it a favorite destination, especially during summer.


São Paulo for kids is just proof of the city’s flexibility and versatility. Although it has a reputation for adult and gay entertainment, the places mentioned here show the kid-friendly side of this Brazilian capital.