Itineraries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Other places of interest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you are looking for a major travel experience, then head on to Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Aside from the sun and the beaches, the city has a lot in store, in terms of places to see and experience, for you.


Here are some that should not miss your itinerary:


Floresta da Tijuca


Known as the Tijuca Forest in English, the Floresta da Tijuca is among Rio’s breathtaking destinations. It is a hand-planted rainforest considered as the largest urban forest in the world. It shares its name with the neighborhood that houses it, the Tijuca bairro.


Floresta da Tijuca was declared as a National Park in 1961. Among the attractions that tourists look forward to see in the area is the colossal sculpture of the Christ the Redeemer on top of the Corcovado Mountain. A tour to the forest will also give you a glimpse of the Cachoeira dos Macacos (monkey’s waterfall), the Vista Chinesa (Chinese view), the Mesa do Imperador (Emperor’s table), and the Cascatinha (Taunay’s waterfall).




Rio de Janeiro’s beach areas can become too crowded at times that some people opt to look for a more quiet and solemn place. In this case, the number destination is Petropolis – Brazil’s Imperial city. Located 65km from the city, Petropolis is a mountain retreat of the only two emperors in the country.


Getting on a tour to the area will also take you to the wonderful views of the Imperial Museum and the Catedral Sao Pedro de Alcantara which is the burial place of the last imperial family of Brazil. You will also get a chance to check out the fabulous Crystal Palace which was built in 1879 by the French.


Angra dos Reis


Angra dos Reis is a mountainous terrain that’s covered with lush Atlantic rainforest. It also has sandy beaches, whose cool crystal water attracts a number of locals and tourists. The town’s colonial past is evident in its several old buildings which date from the 1500s. Taking visitors to a 5-hour cruise to the many islands in town is a schooner that waits at the dock.


Sugar Loaf Mountain


The Sugar Loaf Mountain is one of the city’s popular icons. Riding a cable car, you will get a panoramic view of Rio and see for yourself why it is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Going to the mountain, you will pass through city downtown which features numerous buildings of colonial Portuguese style. You will also come across several public buildings like the National Library, the National Museum, and the Municipal Theater.


Rio de Janeiro is more than the beach and bikinis. Let these itineraries show you the other side of the city’s beauty.