Transports in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Transports in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To get around Rio de Janeiro, you need to familiarize yourself with the various transports in the city. Here are information to help you:




Taking a cab is one of the best means to get yourself around Rio. All of the legal cabs in the city are painted in yellow with a stripe of blue on its both sides. Those which are designed differently are cars providing special services (such as going to the airport or to the bus stations), or sometimes considered illegal. On a kilometer basis, taxi charge is not that expensive, however, distances are also considered. From Zona Sul to the city center, it will usually cost R$20. For those are from the airport going to Copacabana, you will be paying around R$75.




Getting a car to move around the city may be convenient but there are parts in the city where traffic can be very daunting. Having a car is good when you are going distant beaches such as Grumari.




Although you have the cabs and cars as options in getting around Rio de Janerio, buses are still the most convenient way, not mention the cheapest. Bus fares start at R$2.35, but a higher fare is charged by air-conditioned buses. The city has a total of 831 bus lines numbered according to its general route served.




The city’s subway system, called Metro Rio is useful for those wanting to reach the areas from Copacabana going to the Downtown. Among the public transports in the city, the metro is considered to be the safest.