Camboriu nightlife

In Balneário Camboriú, the beaches are not only places for swimming, sunbathing, water sports or relaxation. Beaches are also great spots to have a bustling nightlife. As with other Brazilians, the locals in Balneário Camboriú know how to party and they provide a perfect place for it. When in the city of Camboriú, you’ll get to party the night away with the beach as your backdrop.

Different restaurants, coffee shops, and bars can be found along the beaches of Camboriú. Parties in the city are mostly held at the beach and you will find a large number of people, locals and tourists alike, crowding these parties. The majority of the crowd are young people, but you can find different people in walks of life.

A typical day in Camboriú would be spending your entire day and heading to a party nearby still with sand on your foot and still wearing those swimsuits. Some may want to go party hopping, while some prefer to stay in one place dancing around a bonfire with drink or milkshake on hand.

The beaches of the city have the most crowds during the Oktoberfest celebration where every beach has a party in place. They say that nearly one million people participate in the festivities and flock the beach parties for a night to remember.