São Paulo culture

São Paulo culture, Teatro municipal

São Paulo is considered by many to have one of the most dynamic cultures in Brazil. Visiting the city, you will find how this culture is manifested and how each aspect of it adds to the beauty and vigor there is in this large Brazilian city.




More than half of the city’s population – around 68% – are Catholic; thus, most of its festivals and celebrations, like other Brazilian cities, are rooted in the Christian faith. There are also a few Protestants (15%), Buddhists (0.65%), and Jewish (0.36%) in São Paulo.




The diversity of São Paulo’s culture can strongly be observed in its music which is a fusion of Brazilian pop, samba, rap, country music, chorinho, and rock. Among the music masters who have great contributions in the city’s music are Arnaldo Antunes, Adoniran Barbosa, Luis Tatit, Paulo Vanzolini, Jose Miguel Wisnik, and Itamar Assumpcao.




The city of São Paulo has been staging several big events that attract tourists to come back year after year. Among these is the São Paulo Art Bienal which takes place every two years, over one million people join the event which aims to promote the city’s art and build links to other non-Brazilian cultures.


Considered to be one of the world’s most important fashion weeks, the São Paulo Fashion Week is another event in the city that’s mostly anticipated by many tourists. Also called as Morumbi Fashion Brasil, the event which was established in 1996 is Latin America’s most important and biggest fashion happening.


São Paulo Gay Pride Parade is another festival that has been adding color and life in the city. Started in 1997, the city’s version, compared to those in Sydney, San Francisco, and New York is quite younger. The parade in 2006 has attracted over 1.5million people making it the most participated festival in São Paulo.


Cultural Venues


In Sampa, as São Paulo is commonly known, you will find a wide range of world class dance companies, opera, and orchestras that perform on a regular basis in the city. Most of these groups hold performances at the Sala São Paulo and at the Theatro Municipal in Praça Ramos de Azevedo. It is also in the latter where Baléllet da Cidade, the official ballet company of the city performs.


Teatro Abril in Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio is also an important cultural venue in the city. It is here where famous international musicals are held.


Another cultural attraction in Sampa is the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil which is located in Rua Álvares Penteado. A cultural center, the place is also the venue for shows, films, and art exhibitions.


The religion, music, festivals, and cultural venues are just some that make up the city’s lively culture; adding more reasons for tourists to visit the city of São Paulo.