State of Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina which is Saint Catherine in English is one of Brazil’s states. Its part of the southern Brazil region and is considered as the state that has the highest standard of living in the whole of Latin America.

The state of Santa Catarina being part of Brazil is also part of the Mercosur which is an RTA or Regional Trade Agreement of four countries which are Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Its purpose was to uphold free trade between the involved cities. Santa Catarina is strategically located in this Mercosur.

Santa Catarina has European ancestries. There are several cities in the state that have different ancestries but it first started in 1542 when Spanish immigrants decided to settle in Santa Catarina. It was at the start of the 19th century that several other immigrants moved to the state. The majority of this group came from Germany but other countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and Russia also moved to the cities.

Because of this, Santa Catarina is regarded as one of the states in Brazil that exhibits the most European influence. This can be vividly seen in the architecture and the traditions of the place. A large part of the population in the state is also of European descent.

Cities in Santa Catarina

Florianópolis is Santa Catarina’s capital city and it is known for its beaches, a total of 42. It is also referred to by the name Floripa and it is found on the Island of Santa Catarina. It is one of the cities that get the most number of foreign visitors not only in Santa Catarina but also in Brazil.

Blumenau is another city in Santa Catarina that is part of the Vale do Itajaí and it is known as the venue for the second largest beer celebration in the world which is the Oktoberfest.

For avid surfers looking for a good wave, Garopaba in Santa Catarina is one place to visit. In Garopaba, one can also enjoy other activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, trekking, and windsurfing.

The mountainous region of São Joaquin is also one place to consider if you are looking for a cool place to visit. Its low temperatures will give you a calm and relaxing vacation.

Joinville which is the state’s biggest city and like Blumenau is one of the cities in Brazil that has the highest standard of living. It is a center for business events and conferences.