Blumenau Nightlife

Blumenau, one of the cities of Brazil, is known for its beer. Aside from its annual Oktoberfest, it is also known for the numerous breweries that are available in the city. Blumenau is even considered to be having the best breweries in the entire country of Brazil. So it is only natural that beer plays a very big role in the city’s nightlife.


This event is celebrated annually every month of October. The celebration started in the year 1983 and it lasts for 17 days. It is heavily attended every year by not only locals from Blumenau but also by tourists from all over the world. It is considered as the leading Oktoberfest celebration in Brazil and the second biggest beer celebration in the world, next to Germany.

In the Oktoberfest celebration, different breweries get to showcase their product. Though the various breweries are the highlight of the event, this is not the only thing that the Oktoberfest offers. It also has parades, Brazilian and Bavarian bands, and German food that will surely be enjoyed by the participants.

The traditional parades are witnessed every Wednesdays and Sundays. Every night at the Vila Germânica, everybody will gather for a party filled with beer, food, and music. And this will go on until 1 in the morning during weekdays and up to 6 AM during weekends.

Local Breweries

Most of the local pubs offer Blumenau’s famous craft breweries. Some of the local breweries of Blumenau are Bierland, Das Bier, Eisenbahn, Gaspar, Opa Bier, Pomerode, Schornstein, and Unser Bier, Wunder Bier.

The most famous of these is the Eisenbahn. It is popular because it is the only one that sells their beer in bottles. They have different kinds of beer. These are Golden Ale, Dunkel, Kolsch, Pale Ale, Pilsen, Pilsen Orgânica, Rauchbier, Weizenbock, Weizenbier, and Wiechnachts Ale.

Bars and Pubs

There are a lot of bars around Blumenau. There are more than 40 that you can choose from. But one thing that you can be sure of is that they never run out of tap beer.

Aside from Eisenbahn that offers their beer in bottles, there are also other breweries that you can experience from the different bars. The other breweries offer their beer on tap. These can be found in Blumenau’s not only in bars and also in restaurants. These are what every Blumenau tourist should taste to get to experience firsthand Blumenau’s culture.