Sports in Brasilia

The people in Brasilia are not all about working and partying, they too enjoy sports. Among these sports, they are enthusiastic about are the following:


As expected from a Brazilian city, much more to its capital, Brasilia to are football people. In fact, two major football teams are from the city: the Brasiliense Futebol Clube and Sociedade Esportiva do Gama. The first, simply called the Brasiliense is one of the few teams in Brazil to wear a uniform in green and yellow – colors on the national flag. Founded in the year 2000, the team is one of Brazil’s youngest teams. The Sociedade Esportiva do Gama or the Games, on the other hand, is the Brasiliense’ greatest rival yet none of them has ever bagged Brazilian Championship yet.

Hang Gliding

Because Brasilia has dry weather, it provides a perfect venue for hang gliding enthusiasts. In 2003, the capital city even became the venue for the 14th Hang Gliding World Championship.

Motor Sport

For an adrenaline rush, the people in Brasilia head to the Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet to witness the motorsport. It once hosted a non-championship round of the Formula One Grand Prix in 1974.

And these are just some of the sports that Brasilia’s people support and follow.