Amazon tours

Exotic yet exciting and challenging. This maybe one of the many things to say about Amazon tours. Bringing you closer to nature and putting you up-close and personal with many different animal and plant species, this is one adventure you should never miss!

The Peru Amazon rainforest also known as the Tambopata Jungle should be one of your Amazon tours options. Riding a longboat up to your lodge and devoting your time exploring the jungle will surely make a mark on your life experiences of escapades as unforgettable and phenomenal. As one gets to start a day, he/she shall visit the Sandoval Lake and must try to take a walk along the huge trees on the canopy. Taricaya Project on the other hand will let you discover and see the various types of animals back in the wild. Taking nocturnal roams and boat rides will make your night even more adventurous by the assistance of your naturalist and environmentally expert guides.

Another marvelous adventure trips and tours available for leisure and experience with the Amazon’s rich wildlife is the Amazon Tours Brazil. It is an adventure available to all who want to witness the real rainforest trips and tours just absolutely different from any ordinary jungle routes!

You will have three options with your Amazon tours Brazil: the join-with-the-group tour, private tour and the luxury tour. With these three, the length of your trip directly varies to your option of adventure. Nevertheless, the choices will all let you see the rich ecosystem, the primary and real look of jungle, different species of animals and plants and will let you experience exciting and nature-loving activities, such as jungle treks, swimming with the Amazon pink dolphins, a walk along the giant trees, longboat-riding on certain flooded forest, Amazon riverboat-riding while bird-watching and others.

These trips are flexible and ultimately exclusive enough for you and your family and friends!