Rio de Janeiro Beaches

Rio de Janeiro beaches, Brazil

Other than the landmarks and sights in the city, Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods are full of interesting places to keep tourists entertained as well. Exploring them will give you an in-depth perspective of the city.




Bringing Rio de Janeiro at its best, the neighborhood of Ipanema offers visitors its different restaurants serving a wide variety of dishes, bustling nightlife, cultural centers, shopping malls, and museums. Although the place literally means “bad water” in the dialect of the Brazilian Indians, when you see and experience its legendary beach, you’ll know for sure that it meant otherwise.


With everything in the district a walking distance, tourists will not find it hard to get around the place.




Like Copacabana and Leme, Leblon shares the same beach with Ipanema. A Park known as Allah’s Garden or the Jardim de Ala in Portuguese and a shallow canal serve as borders between the two districts.


When looking for a place to stay in the city, Leblon would be a great spot as many schools, theaters, concert halls, and nightclubs are located near it.


Originally owned by Charles Le Blond, a Frenchman, the land was sold to José de Seixas Magalhães, a Portuguese. The city has since then been growing along with Ipanema.




Among the reasons why many are smitten by Rio de Janeiro is Copacabana. A name with a Bolivian origin, the neighborhood is most visited every New Year as it is the main spot for the city’s New Year celebration.


With its apartments and penthouses that are located along the beach – most of which are worth over a million dollar – the district is among Rio de Janeiro’s most eclectic and democratic neighborhoods.


The Fishermen’s Corner, Bairro Peixoto, and Go-Go-Copa are among the must-see places in the area.




More than just a Rio de Janeiro neighborhood, Lagoa is also a park, a lake, and a leisure area. The heart of the city’s southern side, the district is surrounded by more famous neighborhoods such as Leblon, Copacabana, Gávea, Ipanema, and Jardim Botânico. It is a perfect venue for cycling, jogging, roller skating, horseback riding, and other sports.




A name that came from a rock formation that gives a wonderful view of Copacabana and Ipanema, Arpoador also serves as the two neighborhood’s border. The district’s beach is loved by many surfers, especially at night. It also has a small mall, antique and furniture shops, parks, and churches.