Itineraries in Brasilia

Brasilia may already have a number of sights and attractions to keep your stay in the city busy, but until you get a glimpse of the other interesting places close to Brasilia, that’s when you can truly say that you’ve made the most of your vacation on Brazil’s capital.

Here are some of the famous stops you can include in your itinerary outside Brasilia:

Chapada dos Veadeiros

Situated in Goias, another state in the country, Chapada dos Veadeiros is a 65,515-hectare park declared as a World Natural Heritage area for its breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and mountains. The Travessia Leste, Rei do Prata Waterfall, and the Prata Expedition are among the most frequented attractions in the site for those who want to do camping, rappelling, and trekking.

Itiquira Falls

Traveling 115 kilometers away from Brasilia, the Itiquira Falls is Brazil’s highest accessible falls measuring 168 meters in height. Because the waters coming from it is unpolluted, a bottling plant was constructed above it (on the Itiquira River).

The area surrounding the waterfalls was also made as a municipal park, protected from urbanization. Outside the park are facilities that tourists can enjoy.

Caldas Novas

Considered by many as the world’s largest resort that’s hydro-thermal, the Caldas Novas is both a municipality and a city in Goiás. Being known as such throughout the country, and even in the whole world, the city’s tourism has been a booming industry. Each year, especially during peak seasons, at least 100,000 tourists visit Caldas Novas.

Living to its name as a hydro-thermal resort, the city has a total of 86 wells that are active. With temperature ranging from 34 to 57 °C, the wells, on average pump 1,200 cubic meter water every hour.

Aside from its hot water, Caldas Novas also boasts of its ecotourism. It has several parks with lakes and waters that are naturally warm.


Famous for its colonial architecture and its waterfalls, Pirenópolis is also one of those places you should drop by when in Brasilia. Among the attractions in the town include the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Meia Ponte, which is Goiás’ oldest church and the Igreja Nosso Senhor do Bonfim.

Other than these attractions, the festivities in the town are famous in Brazil as well; the Festas de Cavalhadas is one of its most famous and most celebrated festivals.

There are indeed a lot more to see inside and outside Brasilia. – All the more reason for you to visit the city.