People from Ouro Preto

The people in Ouro Prêto are known for being warm and welcoming; something that is famous to the Mineiro – a name given to those born in the state of Minas Gerais. Thus, when in the city, do not be surprised if you get invited for a piece of bread or a cup of coffee in a house of a local that you just met.

Some of the renowned personalities associated with the city are Brazilian architect and sculptor Aleijadinho and Brazilian author Bernardo Guimarães.

Aleijadinho, who was born Antônio Francisco Lisboa, was the son of Manoel Francisco Lisboa, a Portuguese architect. Started to be his father’s assistant, the young Antônio soon became made his name in the world of architecture. The Chapel of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi was designed and constructed by him. He was called Aleijadinho after acquiring a degenerative disease, the name when translated in English means “The Little Cripple”.

Bernardo Guimarães, on the other hand, is known for writing the romances, O Seminarista, and A Escrava Isaura. He was also the one who introduced “verso bestialógico” (silly verse), which is Brazilian poetry with very nonsensical yet very metrical verses. Under the kind of poetry, he wrote the “A Origem do Mênstruo “ and “O Elixir do Pajé”, which are erotic polemical verses.