Tourist information about Aracaju

The capital of the state of Sergipe, Aracaju is located in Brazil’s east-central part. In proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the city lies in Recife’s south-southwest side. It is a commercial center primarily venturing in sugar and cotton production.

Founded in 1532, Aracaju became the state’s capital on March 17, 1855 – taking the title from São Cristóvão after being capital for 32 years. It is inhabited by more than 500,000 people.

If you are sending a post or a package to and from the city, the postal code is 49000-000. With numerous cities in Brazil, remembering Aracaju’s postal code would come very handy to ensure your emails or packages reach its destination or vice versa. On the other hand, the city’s area code is +55 79. If you are from other Brazilian city and calling someone in Aracaju, you simply have to dial 79 before the telephone number. However, if you are making the call from outside Brazil, that is when you add 5579 then the number you are calling.

Majority of the city’s economy is based on industry, services, and lately, tourism. In 2005, its GDP reached R$ 5,021,660,000 and continues to grow year after year. Thus, it is not a wonder why the Federal Government considered it among which has the best quality of life in the country.

Aracaju may not have the same glitz and glitters like that in other cities of Brazil, but it has its unique beauty that is worth the visit.