Shopping in Porto de Galinhas

If you are expecting to find shops of high-end fashion in Porto de Galinhas, then you must be in the wrong place. What they have though is something that will make your stay in town worthwhile and unforgettable.

Here are some of the places you can visit for shopping in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil.

Silver and Stones

Many of Porto’s shops are found on the pedestrian zone of its center. Among this is the Silver and Stones shop which features a wide variety of precious stones and jewelry. For art lovers, the shop also sells sculptures, in different designs and styles.

Kata Beach Shop

As its name suggests, the shop is among the place to be to buy your different beach needs and brands. Surfers can also find various surfing materials, such as surfboards, in the shop. T-shirts printed with unique Porto de Galinhas prints are also available for all ages. Exclusive beach footwear brands are also sold in the store.


Aside from being a perfect place to bond and spend time with your friends and family, the beach is also a great venue to trot the beach with your sexy beachwear. At Girassol you will find several pieces for both men and women that you can ramp on the beach. Bikinis, trunks, sarongs of different styles and designs are just among the items sold at the shop. Handicrafts and other decorations are also found in Girassol.

Bali Surf Shop

Bali offers a wide range of items for surfing enthusiasts. They have various surfboards for those with varied styles and tastes; surfing accessories including keels, decks, paraffin, and leach (strep); and surf wear, such as backpacks, sunglasses, and handbags to complete that surfing look.


No Porto de Galinhas visit is complete without taking pictures of the town’s breathtaking sights and attractions. For your photo needs, Oten provides you with different photo equipment and materials. Also offering film processing in just one hour, the shop also sells caps, jerseys, shirts, handicrafts, and swimwear for men and women.

Lory Arts

Lory Arts exclusively distribute Indian pottery called Marajoara or tapajônica. With traces of engravings and paintings, each piece can be a treasure for art collectors and enthusiasts. Many of the engravings are found in the different archaeological sites in the Amazon and Para. Resembling the Mayan and Aztec art, the pieces are well-appreciated by the European people.


Aside from getting cool and unique beach items, purchasing products sold in Aqualong allows you to contribute to many of the country’s ecological projects, such as Tamar, Prjeto Cetácios, Onda Azul Foundation, Center Abrolhos, Humpback Whale Project, and Project Mamirauá. A portion of the money you paid for your item will automatically go to the said projects.