Ceará State

Ceará is part of the North-eastern region of Brazil and is located on the Atlantic coast. It is part of Brazil’s 27 states and is considered as the 8th most populated state in the country and the 17th biggest by area.

The state is one of the country’s main tourist destinations. The state’s eco-tourism is the most popular among tourists. The state has a lot of beaches and also sand dunes that tourists just keep coming back for. Aside from the beaches, Ceará also has a lot of rainforests and waterfalls located in the Highlands.

Popular attractions of Ceará

The Canoa Quebrada found in the municipality of Aracati is becoming an international beach destination. Known as the state’s pearl of the east coast, this beach resort is rated as the most important attraction of the state next to Fortaleza. Here in Canoa Quebrada, you will see cliffs, dunes, and very good vistas. You will see most of the places to stay as well as the shops and restaurants of the place in an area they call Broadway. Among the activities that you can do in Canoa Quebrada are kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing in one of the jangada boats, horse riding, sandboarding and mountain biking.

The Praia Do Futuro in Fortaleza is famous for its water sports. It’s not only a place where a lot of locals and tourists converge to simply spend a day in the sun surfing and enjoying the waves. The beach is also where international surfing competitions are held. Surfing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Fortaleza to compete and watch professional surfers battle it out on the waves. Praia Do Futuro is also a great place to learn surfing and other water sports. Here the equipment and tuition are low and you will find a number of surfing schools in the area.

Jericoacoara Beach is a virgin beach that is considered as among the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post. The beach can be found after the sand dunes of the coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, one of the cities of Ceará in the northern region. The area around the beach has been declared an Environmental Protection Area (APA) and various initiatives have been made an effort to preserve the area. In 2002 it was declared as a National Park. One of the great things about the beach is the Sunset Dune. Here you will be able to the most beautiful sunset, watching the sun looking like its sinking into the waters of the ocean.