Buzios, Brazil

Originally settled by slave traders and European pirates, Buzios started as a quiet and old-world fishing village. Its serene and immaculate beauty was a well-guarded secret from the outside world. In 1964, however, the secret was revealed by the French superstar Brigitte Bardot. Since then, the village has become popular and has been transformed made into the remarkable beach resort it is today. In fact, Buzios has been considered as one of the world’s 10 most beautiful places to visit.

Only two hours from the vivacious Rio de Janeiro, Buzios is definitely a must-see and must-experience place. It has more than 100 hotels and inns – from the smallest and most simplistic to the most luxurious – that await your stay. They make the gorgeous white-sand beaches (more than 20 beaches) easily accessible to every visitor.

Because the city’s incredible beaches are fairly isolated from each another, each has a personality of its own. The Joao Fernandinho and Joao Fernandes beaches are the most popular and busiest of all. They burst with cafes and they are packed with gorgeous locals and tourists displaying their nice tans.

If you are into water sports, then hit the Geriba Beach. Its long stretch of fine sand and glass-like water is packed with surfers, wind-surfers, and boogie-boarders. The Manguinhos beach features calm and soothing waves perfect for those who want to learn to windsurf and sail. The Ferradura, also known as the Horseshoe beach, is closer to the city proper. If you are into snorkeling, then this beach is for you.

Also dotting the city are various restaurants that serve local and international cuisine. The wide assortment of international cuisine in Buzios is jaw-dropping. You are likely to feel that you have stepped foot into an authentic European town. But the unique tinge of Brazilian flavor will have your taste buds saying you are in Brazil. The presence of Brazilian, French, Japanese, Moroccan, Italian, and Thai eateries in the city makes it a gastronomic delight. In addition, it has a wide range of bars, nightclubs, and live music shows.

There is also the famous Rua das Pedras in the downtown, which ensure a buzzing and electric nightlife. Buzios would not be so popular if it were not for it. Walking down this energetic street makes you feel that you are being surrounded by people with different nationalities. And do not be surprised if you share the dance floor with a celebrity or two. What’s more, local and international shops, boutiques, as well as art galleries with exceptional jewelry and crafts also dot the shores.