Salvador Carnival

Salvador da Bahia carnival

The Carnival in Salvador, Brazil is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s biggest street party. For the whole week, about 2 million people, tourists and locals alike, go out the city to celebrate and party around its 25-kilometer streets, squares, and avenues. The Carnival is too big; in fact, almost 100,000 people are involved in organizing the activities for the event.


Every year, the city receives an average of 800,000 visitors from its neighboring municipalities; some even as far as 150 kilometers away from Salvador. Many of Brazilians from other states of the country, as well as those coming from all parts of the world, like Australia, Argentina, U.S.A., Israel, and Europe among others, also come to the city to take part in the celebration.


Covering for the Carnival are more than 2,000 professionals working in local, national, and international media agencies. It is being broadcasted to over 100 countries through 14 television stations, 65 radio stations, 75 magazines, 97 newspapers (21 of which is international), 139 video producers, and 168 websites. That said, Salvador Carnival is indeed a must-see event when in the city.


Carnival Activities


Coined as the King of Carnival, Rei Momo marks the beginning of Salvador Carnival. The keys to the city are handed over to him on Thursday morning which signals the official opening of the celebration. For tourists, this would be an interesting happening to witness and take part in the people’s anticipation to join in the merry-making.


For those who want to avoid the crowd of the Carnival, the Camarotes, which are grandstands that line in Campo Grande neighborhood, are the perfect spot to watch the Carnival show. – And do not worry of missing something when in the Camarotes! The 60-ft trucks called the Trios Eléctricos are specially made for everyone to join in the party. The trucks’ deafening sound systems is enough to reach you wherever you are standing to watch the carnival.


To really join in the fun at the Carnival, do not miss dance along various music played in the show, like Samba-reggae and Axé. And since the Carnival is the time when hordes of people gather to the streets, the city administration has made sure the places where events take place are heavily policed. – This gives you a chance to really let loose and party your heart out!


Being one of the most important events not just in the city but throughout Brazil as well, Salvador Carnival is one party not to miss when in the city!