Study in Foz do Iguazu

Compared to its health sector, education in Foz do Iguazu is considered to be good. Citizens even declare public education (along with transportation) to be the city’s strongest point. Deciding to study in the city is therefore not a bad idea at all.

With 95.5% of literacy rate, the city has ~0.890 of Human Development Index which is considered to be high. HDI is used to rank countries in the context of “human development”; it separates countries according to being developed, developing, and underdeveloped. Factors considered in the statistics are education, life expectancy, and GDP.

Most of Foz do Iguazu’s children attend in either the private or public schools in the city. Despite the priority given by the municipality to its public education, many of those who belong to the middle and high social classes still send their kids to private institutions. There are approximately 120 public schools in the city – encompassing kindergarten and daycare institution – and 30 private schools.

UDC, Cesufoz, Uniamérica, Unioeste, Anglo-Americano Faculdades, and Unifoz are Foz do Iguazu’s institutions offering college education.

For those, however, who do not wish to get a formal education in the city or those who are just interested to learn the Portuguese language, there are several institutions (most of which are located near the Iguazu falls) in Foz do Iguazu that you can turn to.