Recife nightlife

Recife nightlife

Recife’s nightlife is one of the things that you shouldn’t miss while you are in the city. There are a number of spots you can go to at night.


You can enjoy a local speciality in one of Recife’s restaurants, you can grab a bottle of beer in one of the city’s bars, you can dance the night away in clubs and you can also enjoy a cultural night in one of the city’s theatres.


Just pick how you would want to spend your night and the city will surely provide that for you.




Recife is regarded as the gastronomic capital of the Northeastern region of Brazil. Among the must try local specialities is the Caldinho which is a soup that is sold everywhere in Recife, from the fancy restaurants to the carts from the streets.


The Bolo Sousa Leão and Bolo de Rolo are traditional cakes that originated from Recife. These are the other delicacies that you shouldn’t miss to try.


Some of the restaurants available in Recife are Bargaco, Tasca, Recanto Lusitano, Cantinho do Camoes, Delirios e Delicias, Buraco de Otilia, and Edmilso.

Bars and Clubs

When you see plastic chairs outside of an establishment, then this is your cue to know that the place you are looking at is a bar. Most of Recife’s bars offer a fun experience for every visitor with its great crowd and great vibes.


Among the bars in Recife are: Bar Central, a bar located in the downtown area that attracts an assortment of crowds from musicians to indies; Biruta, located in the beach’s northern end, it offers a great view of the beach with the gentle breeze of the sea keeping you company; Entre Amigos, a bar situated in Boa Viagem’s downtown area is just 5 minutes away from the beach; Guaiamum Gigante is a bar and a restaurant in one that can accommodate up about to 600 people; and the Downtown Pub which is also known as the House of Rock, entertains their visitors with live music.


The clubs where you can go to for a night of dancing are Depois Dancing Bar, Sala de Reboco, OverPoint, Metrópole and NOX.

Theatres and Cinemas

Brazil’s two biggest centers of theatre production are Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Recife comes third in this list. That is why you shouldn’t miss a theatre experience while you are in Recife. If you would want to experience theatre in a more traditional style, then Teatro Santa Isabel is the place to be. If you would want to be entertained in a more modern facility, then you should go to the Federal University of Pernambuco’s Convention Center.


The available cinemas in Recife are Cineteatro José Carlos Cavalvante Borges, Cine Rosa e Silva and Multiplex Shopping Tacaruna.