Camboriu, Brazil

Balneario Camboriu is a beach city part of the southern part of Brazil and among the many cities part of the state of Santa Catarina. Aside from its beaches, it is popularly known for its bustling nightlife and for the cable car ride that connects two beaches of the city. The city is also a major tourist spot, especially during the summer. The population of the city increases dramatically during these summer months, from a 100,000 to more than 700,000.

Beaches and nightlife

The city offers a variety of beaches for different types of people. There are beaches with calm waters for those wanting a simple dip in the water and sunbathing, and beaches which are ideal for water sports. The city is also where you will find the first nudist beach in Brazil, the Pinho Beach or Pine Beach.

The city’s nightlife is also another thing that the city is known for. What’s great about it is that the parties have the beach as their backdrop. The vibrant nightlife of the Camboriu is held along the beaches and it is normal for you to see people still in their swimming attire with sand on their feet enjoying the parties late at night.


Aside from the city’s beaches and nightlife, the city is internationally known for the cable car that connects Central Beach and Laranjeiras. It is unique in the city and you really can’t find anything like it anywhere in the world.

Camboriu also has a popular monument like that of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer. The Cristo Luz Monument was built in 1997 and stands 33 meters tall. The monument also has very special lighting. On the left hand of the statue, there is a light cannon that has 86 shades of light. These light cannon illuminate the monument beautifully at night. It also has a viewing deck where you can see a magnificent view of Central Beach.


The state of Santa Catarina is now being discovered as a great vacation spot because of its many beaches and many festivals. The city of Camboriu too is being discovered as a great place for travel. It is among the many cities in the state and even in the entire country of Brazil that are popularly known for their great beaches and for the great experience that they give to every traveler.

For sure traveling to Balneario Camboriu will be an experience like no other. Look through our Travel Guide and learn for yourself the beauty that the city has to offer.