Travelling to Ouro Preto

The city of Ouro Prêto is located 100 kilometers away from the city of Belo Horizonte; it has a distance of 400 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, and from Sao Paolo, it is 680 kilometers away. Here are means that tourists can take – depending on their destination – to reach the city:

By plane

For the lack of an international airport, visitors who will be coming from outside Brazil will need to get to a flight arriving at Confins in Belo Horizonte, which is the nearest airport from the city. From there, you can easily get a cab or a bus to take you to  Ouro Prêto.

By car

A number of good roads link Ouro Prêto to some of Brazil’s major cities. It sits on BR-356, which is 120 kilometers of Belo Horizonte’s southeast part and 18 kilometers of Mariana’s west side. Drivers who will be coming from southern cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and Juiz de Fora should be on BR-040 heading to Conselheiro Lafaiete, then taking Ouro Branco and MG-443 highways, respectively.

By bus

All of the buses going to Ouro Prêto arrive at rodoviária on the town’s north-western part. If you are from Belo Horizonte, you should be traveling via Pássaro Verde, which has 16 departures every day. Útil serves those coming from Sao Paolo (2 departures) and Rio de Janeiro (1 departure). For those coming from Vitoria should take São Geraldo bus line and those from Brasilia should take Pássaro Verde which only has 1 departure every day.