Buzios nightlife

Aside from the number of beaches that you can dip yourself in, the vigorous nightlife is also another thing that brings tourists to Buzios in Brazil. Without the different bars and restaurants that adorn the streets of Buzios, it just wouldn’t be the same there. It has been known as a trademark that tourists really need to experience when visiting the town.

The main source of fun and excitement during the night is the Rua das Pedras. It is a 400-meter long street that is filled with different bars, nightclubs, and restaurants from end to end. The different bars are for everyone’s different tastes. There are bars for those just wanting a quiet time drinking with friends and bars that are packed with loud music and fun crowds. There are also restaurants that serve Brazilian delicacies and other foreign food. Aside from the bars and restaurants that will tickle your food and drinking cravings, there are also art galleries and different branded and non-branded stores available.

But if your cup of tea is to try out the different bars, here is a short list of some of the many bars you can visit in Buzios.

Just Chilling in Rua das Pedras

If what you want to do is just sit back, sip a drink and people watch, the Ponto Bar is the place for you. This laid back style bar offers a relaxing experience to those tourists who after spending a whole day on the beach just want to finish the day off with a drink or two. The bar also serves Japanese food and you can enjoy your time here listening to the music of Eric Clapton and Rolling Stones.

The Captains Bar is also another bar where you could just to chill. And if while relaxing with a bottle of beer you want to see a view of the ocean, then Anexo’s Bar is the place to go.

Partying the Night Away

Zapata is one of the most popular bars in the strip which is packed with locals and tourists alike. This is a Mexican bar where you can dance the night away while enjoying their wide variety of drinks. The Privilege nightclub is another spot where you can go to enjoy dance music. The party goes on until morning in Privilege, especially during the holidays.

Chiz Michou is also another place in Rua das Pedras that is always packed. Aside from its loud music, you can also enjoy the famous crepes that they have been serving for fifteen years now. It’s a great place to party and to mingle.

Enjoying the Live Music

Patio Havana is the place to be if you want to enjoy live music. It plays Musica Popular Brasileira or MPB, jazz and blues music while you enjoy their wide selection of wine and assortments of cigar available. It also has a patio that is situated just across the ocean. So an ocean view can be very well enjoyed with the variety of music that is offered.