Sports in Camboriu

Balneário Camboriú being a beach city has a lot of water sports as their main activity. You will find a lot of the locals and even a lot of the tourists getting into the different waters sports that can be experienced in almost every beach in the city.

Water sports are also ideal in Balneário Camboriú because of its high temperature and agreeable climate. You’ll find the sun shining frequently and this is always good weather to engage in water sports.

Surfing is one major sport that is participated by a lot of people in Balneário Camboriú. The beaches in the city are a great place to surf as it offers great waters ideal for the sport. This sport is widely practiced throughout the city and this has resulted in a number of professional surfers.

Other aquatic sports that are widely practiced in the city are sailing and scuba diving. There are also a number of aerial sports that are practiced all throughout the area, and this includes hand gliding. A famous option for hand gliding is going to the Morro do Careca on the North Point. Other sports you can do on Morro do Careca are mountain climbing and rappelling.

One sport though that has become a tradition in the city of Camboriú is beach-soccer. Football is the national sport of Brazil and the people of Camboriú made use of what they have – beaches – to still practice the sport. The sport is very well accepted and heavily participated that they hold two beach-soccer championships every year.