Itineraries Porto de Galinhas

When in Porto de Galinhas, you can already take advantage of the location and also visit the places near it. You not only can add more travel experiences in your supposedly one trip to Porto, you can also save up on visiting other places surrounding the place. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. But in this case, it’s hitting four spots in one trip.


The capital city of Pernambuco, Recife is 60km away from Porto de Galinhas. It is regarded as the one of the most important cities in all of northern Brazil. It has great beaches like Porto. Aside from this it also is home to rich culture that has been well preserved since the colonizing of the Dutch and still has an old town that you still can visit and appreciate for its rustic beauty.

One thing that you shouldn’t miss when in Recife is the Boa Viagem Beach which is the best beach in the city. The beach has a very wide walkway along its white sands. Other attractions to visit are the old churches, museums and historic buildings.

Cabo de Santo Agostinho

Cabo de Santo Agostinho is a historic city that is 33km away from Porto. Like Porto and Recife, it is also home to tropical beaches such as the Gaibu Beach, Calhetas Beach, Itapuama Beach, Enseada dos Corais Beach and Paiva Beach.

Historic sites abound the city. The Castelo do Mar Fortress Ruins, which is also known as the Forte Nazaré or Nazareth Fortress is one of this. The Our Lady of Nazareth Church that was built in 1579 and the Carmelite Convent Ruins are other historical spots that you can visit.

There are also other attractions that you can visit while in Cabo, the Museu do Pescador or Fishermen Museum is one of these.


This city is a bit farther than the first two cities mentioned as it lies 173km away from Porto de Galinhas. But you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Caruaru. This is considered as the city that has the world’s biggest Sao Joao celebrations which happens every June.

June’s first Saturday marks the celebration of St. Gonçalvo, June 13th marks St. Anthony festivities, every June 24 is the celebration of St. John, June 29 is for the celebration of Sts. Peter & Paul, and the last celebration of the month is on the 30th for the St. Martial celebrations.