Manaus nightlife

When in Manaus, there a lot of spots you can go to at night. You can enjoy a sumptuous dinner in one of their restaurants, have a drink and mingle with locals or other tourists in bars and nightclubs, or enjoy watching theatre at the Amazonas Opera House.


The Amazon Theatre or Teatro Amazonas is located at the center of Manaus. It was established during the rubber boom of the Amazonas. The La Gioconda, an Italian play by Amilcare Ponchielli, was the first show that was performed in the Amazon Theater. This was on January 7, 1897. Until this day, the theatre still operates and is even the site for the yearly Amazonas Opera Festival or Festival Amazonas de Ópera which happens every April. You can enjoy a cultural and musical night at the theatre in an edifice that has been in the city for centuries.

Other theatres where you can enjoy a night of opera or other shows are in Cine Teatro Guarany, Teatro Americo Alvarez, Teatro Chamine, Teatro da Instalacao, Teatro Gebes Medeiros, Teatro Jorge Bonates, and Teatro Luiz Cabral.


Bistro Anana which is located in Travessa Padre Ghisland is where you’ll find the tastiest Amazonian dishes. The mix of tambaqui fish ribs with tucupi, Bahian risotto and bananas is their signature dish at this bistro.

The Village, on the other hand, is the dining destination of choice for those that want to experience a truly amazing dining experience regardless of the cost. This is considered as one of the best places to eat in the city. The menu offers a wide variation from seafood, to pasta, meat and lamb dishes. You can expect a hint of Italian influence mixed with the use of local flavor in all of the dishes.

Other restaurants that you should try out are Casa da Sopa which offers a soup buffet, Açaí e Companhia which sometimes plays live music, and Canto da Peixada which is known for their great selection on local fish.

Bars and nightclubs

For a night of dancing, the Coração Blue is one bar you can go to. Every night they offer a different theme which includes the Tourist Night. Bar do Armando is another nightspot where you can enjoy a bottle or two in a relaxed atmosphere. This is near the Amazon Theatre and this is where Manaus’s intellectual crowd goes to. The Club de Forró, on the other hand, is the place to go for forro, it is also known as Sergeants Aeronautical Club or Club dos Sargentos da Aeronautica.