People from Belo Horizonte


Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, is home to more than 2.4 million people or about 4 million in the Metropolitan area. The people are known to be warm and agreeable just like their weather which was among the reasons why immigrants decide to settle here.

Being a country that is rich in culture, it didn’t fail to produce famous individuals that are considered as among the best in their fields.

In the field of music, there is one group that is really popular not only in Brazil but even in the entire world. The rock band Sepultura has members hailing from Belo Horizonte. The brothers Max and Igor Cavalera were the founding members of the band. When the band separated they went on pursuing different paths with Max starting Soulfly, which also garnered popularity worldwide, and Igor putting up his own clothing label that he called “Cavalera.”

Because Belo Horizonte is home to the biggest soccer stadium in the world, it comes to no surprise that the city also gave birth to a lot of famous soccer players.

Among these world famous soccer players are: Afonso Alves, who the Qatar side Al-Rayyan Sports Club’s striker; João Ferreira or most famously known as Bigode who played the FIFA World Cup in 1950; Francisco Adriano da Silva Rodrigues, or better known as Adriano, who currently plays in the Portuguese Primeira Liga for Boavista and Wellington Gonçalves Amorim a striker who is currently playing for Ceará.