Itineraries in Salvador

Itineraries in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador itineraries mostly depend on how long your stay in the city will be. If you are up for just a quick tour, then you will have to settle exploring very limited attractions in the Bahian capital. If you, however, are lucky enough to have a longer vacation in Salvador, then seize this moment to really discover other interesting places in the city aside from its famous attractions.


Below is an itinerary guide to help you plan your visit in Salvador depending on your stay’s length:

Quick tour (1-day visit)

If you only got a day to enjoy Salvador, then you better make sure to be in a place with a number of attractions situated close to each other. In Salvador, this place only means Pelourinho! The heart of the city’s culture and history, the district is surrounded with colourful colonial mansions as well as attractive baroque churches. Going down the area, you will see the marvelous structure of the Igreja São Francisco. Do not also miss visiting the Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos and wander around Cidade Baixa and the Lacerda. You can also shop at the Mercado Modelo for great souvenir bargains. At night, do not miss to experience a Bahian delicacy and enjoy a good music in one of the bars in Pelourinho.




Weekends are perfect for a little R &R in the city. You can bring your family and friends with you in one of Salvador’s great beaches and enjoy fresh and sumptuous seafood at the baraccas. Stella Maris and Flamengo are main seafood stops during weekends in Salvador. You can also take this time as an opportunity to take a schooner tour to get a glimpse of the city’s water views, including the beaches that make up the Bay of All Saints.


Short weekday


If your visit in the city falls on a weekday, you can begin your exploration with discovering the country’s best Catholic art displayed at the Museu de Arte Sacra. And while you are it, you can also check out the city’s most famous church, the Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. At dinner, you can head to one of Salvador’s beach areas and grab a bite of one of the city’s delicious dishes.


Salvador is home to many interesting places. It is thus important to plan your trip ahead and match it according to the number of days you have in the city. This way, you get to make the most of your visit in this remarkable place.